So who, and what, is Sybilla Design?

Hi there! I'm Emilee Greenhouse and I am the designer/owner of Sybilla Design.
I specialize, and delight, in unique and elegant design for print.

sibyl [sib-uhl]: a female oracle or prophetess in Greek & Roman Mythology. Sybil: a 1970's book about a woman with multiple personalities.
Sybilla Design: a design company that is forward thinking, not steeped in trend, but classic in style and inspired
by multiple influences, hobbies and interests.

photo of Emilee Greenhouse The gal behind the brand: Emilee.

I love paper…and mail…and the thrill of getting a funny/nice/sarcastic or sweet card in the mail. Or receiving a really beautiful invitation to a friend’s wedding [yay cake!], especially if I’ve designed that invitation. This is why I create such inspiring goods, so you too can appreciate the art of a uniquely designed and printed piece. I’d love to work with you on a specific project
[contact me here] or if you’re in the market for some tactile goods please check out my shop and there you will find not only beautiful/witty/elegant items but also downloadable & printable design files so you can customize your own beautiful/witty/elegant invitation, announcements, bookplates, tags, labels, etc!

I have a lot of hobbies, I just can’t help myself – I love to learn new things! The good thing about this is it also inspires my design style and creations. If you’re interested in what I’m working on please check out my portfolio or my blog, you never know what I will be working on next!